Río Pico - Patagonia Argentina

Las Pampas Lodge (LPL), in the Chubut Provence of Central Patagonia, offers an extraordinary experience into a land that’s virtually untouched by the modern world. Approximately two and half hours south of Esquel Airport, well beyond where the pavement ends, you’ll find Las Pampas Lodge. This is where the real experience begins.

A short drive from the lodge is a small border town that’s almost as quiet as the wilderness that surrounds it, and the calming yet wild and rustic terrain is still home to a simple way of living. Gauchos herding their sheep are likely the only thing one may stumble upon along the way to fish remote lakes, rivers, and streams.


Our European-style log and stone lodge looks out at the Andes Mountains and is entirely surrounded by nature, reminding our guests that they are truly in the heart of Patagonia.

Throughout the property, it is nearly impossible to not be taken by a view of the Andes. At the lodge, guests find spacious double occupancy rooms with private baths. They also can enjoy the large common room that features a dining area, bar, and lounge with a fireplace that brings everyone together over cocktails. And upstairs, our guests will find a living room, a TV, and a fully-equipped fly tying table, as well as a private office with a computer and phone.

However, one of the first things our guests notice isn’t the out-of-place luxuries we offer but rather the atmosphere. Our entire team works together to ensure a relaxed environment where everyone feels welcomed.

Gourmet farm-to-table cuisine

We are passionate about the food we serve. Our head chef, a Le Cordon Bleu graduate, only uses local and organic ingredients. Fresh eggs are served daily, and the cuts of chicken, lamb, and beef we prepare come from the livestock on the property.

Breakfast is served at the lodge, and a gourmet lunch with wine is served on the water by our guides. As is typical in Argentina, dinner is served in the late evening, and with this meal, our head chef delights our guests with meat and vegetable entrees paired with fine wines.

The Fishing

Our location is surrounded by an abundance of creeks, rivers, and lakes. Some of the main rivers we fly fish include the Rio Pampas, Rio Nilson, Rio Corcovado, and Rio Pico, which consists of more than 25 miles of world-class water. Additionally, we fish five lakes — all are home to large and often aggressive trout that can be eager to come to the surface for dries or attack a streamer. We also have access to more than 20 private locations in this area of Argentina.

From spring creeks to freestone rivers to mountain-lined lakes, the variety of options we have provide anglers the chance to fly fish for brown, rainbow, and brook trout. And with so much great water, our guests are guaranteed rested and productive fisheries and a unique Patagonia experience each day – all within a close distance from the lodge.

Our Guides

Las Pampas guides know these waters inside and out. Our guides are Argentines who have spent countless days fishing and guiding the area’s waters. With most of our guides returning year after year, they have unmatched experience that serves anglers every day of the season.

LPL guides also provide all terminal tackle — leaders, tippets, and flies — to ensure they are equipped to take on the diversity of experiences and conditions anglers face on these waters. But most importantly, every pair of anglers are assigned to a guide and an assistant guide for a 1:1 ratio.


  • Las Pampas Experience
    (7 nights / 6 fishing days).
  • Las Pampas Brook Trout Expedition
    (10 nights / 9 fishing days).
  • Las Pampas Esquel Waters
    (10 nights / 9 fishing days).
  • Las Pampas / Chile - PatagoniaOne
    (10 nights / 9 fishing days).
  • Urban Dorado Anglers
    (Buenos Aires).

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Yvon Chouinard (Patagonia Founder and Owner)

“The best aspect of Las Pampas Lodge, other than the superb fishing, is the equalitarian atmosphere at the lodge, where the guides and clients are all part of the family.”

Yvon Chouinard (Patagonia Founder and Owner).

“The best aspect of Las Pampas Lodge, other than the superb fishing, is the equalitarian atmosphere at the lodge, where the guides and clients are all part of the family.”

Yvon Chouinard
(Patagonia Founder and Owner).

Yvon Chouinard (Patagonia Founder and Owner)

“A most sincere thanks from our entire fishing group for an amazing (and I do mean amazing) week at your lodge. Everyone agreed the trip could not have been better: fishing (superb and unparalleled); lodge (perfect in all respects in a remarkable setting); guides and staff (genuine, friendly, and wonderful people who all work well together as a team); and yes the weather was great too (thanks for seeing to that).

You have fostered and developed a unique atmosphere that distinguishes your lodge: everyone seems to enjoy and take pride in their roles and we felt treated with genuine warmth. Perhaps partly as a consequence not once (not once!) did any of us get even the slightest hint that our requests were not appreciated or were a nuisance. Oggy, thanks for making such an effort to make sure all fishermen, even with rotating pairings, got to fish the key spots and new water every day—that effort did not go unnoticed.

Please pass along my personal thanks to: each of the guides (Andres, Martin, Nico, Pancho and Paul); to each of the assistant guides (Pedro, Juan, Fermin); to Tute for an amazing job with the wine and gracious hosting, and to the entire staff in the kitchen for the wonderful meals.

Most great organizations have great leaders and you two set the tone that defines your lodge. Thanks for allowing us to enjoy your tremendous lodge and all it has to offer for a week.”
Dan Berry

“I enjoyed everything about this lodge. It was a perfect week. I couldn’t even think of anything that could be changed or should be.”
Penny Ritterbusch

“This trip represented virtually a perfect fishing experience for me. It was far better than I could have hoped for. I am extraordinarily consumer service orientated ... I don’t believe that I have ever felt so pampered at any other place or time in my life, even in 5-star hotels. The staff was truly exceptional.”
Michael Payne

“Already high expectations were surpassed.”
Matt Costello